I'm also a musician.

This Playlist has a wide range of solo work I've made.  

From professional to recreational.

These are the sounds of Stian. 

Scroll through to find all the songs.

Twenty and Bored is a collaboration with Ryan Lee, better known as Owlsquid, also known as Bobby Bored.

The style of music we're making is Tropical Techno Party.

Listen below:

ReRunner is a collaborative project between me and Kevin Shea Adams.  

Together, we produced electronic music for over a decade.

It was our goal to create original and genre-less music with special attention to rhythm and texture.

Some people have referred to ReRunner as headphone music, mostly because it sounds really cool on headphones.


Below is a video of a live ReRunner performance at the Luggage Store in San Francisco.

Doctor Lawyer is a collaboration with Adam Cole (my old neighbor) and me.

Before he moved out of town, we decided to make a rock album as a parting gift to each other.

So we got some more friends together, bought some beer, and started jamming.

After a few jam sessions we had enough ideas to run with, so we started recording some sketches.

Two months later, we completed the album.

Adam is the Lawyer, and I am a the Doctor.

Rock out!

Jo Nuts is my brother, Jonas Rasmussen.

We recorded this album in what seemed like 3 days.

I want to say he recorded something like 12 songs a day,

oftentimes on the first vocal take.

You won't hear much other music out there quite like it.

Trust me!